Quantenmedizinische Behandlung

Quantum medicinethe Medicine of Natural Science Part 1
I am very much interested in the Quatum medicine and in the new development ,which includes the new knowledge of the natural science of Physics, especially the quantumphysics for Diagnoses and Therapy.

Myself I had a bioenergetic treatment for some time now ro balance my body.

For two weeks I follow a professional treatment.in a frankfurt practice .The patient has an extreme inflammation on her hand.

I found the process very interesting , so I thought to make it publik.


Bacteria.Parasitic very extreme inflammation. 3.Nov.2017

Pic .

The complete Bacterium and Parasites removed..16.Nov.2017 after 2.weeks



Formation of the Skin new Skin and closing of the wound…20 Nov.2017 after the treatment.

QuantumMedicine Part 2.

Since 3.November I am present and following the process of Quantum medicine treatment…Since few years the patient is getting some bioenergetic body treatment in this practice too.When she had this Inflammation she consulted this practice to get some treatment..

1 Month now has passed and here are the new results as well as a statement of the patient and myself.

A Short Interview with the patient and myself.as follow:

Through the regular treatment ,2-3 times for about 2 hours of interaction and the Vibration in the Electro-magnetic Field and treatment with energetic water, the parasitic inflammation has formed back..and the skincells have been renewed..this process will continue….

As I am also continue the treatment with the energetic water at home the patient said…

There was no Cutting with a scalpel or other Medicine..other the above mentioned.

As for myself .I can confirm above..since I Follower this process from e beginning and it is amazing to see the progress ..withput any bloodshets or removing the whole thing with a scalpel..


Pic..from 4th Dec. after 1 Month..

Quatummedicine Treatment Part 3

Here is the latest Update..from 11.12.2017

the treatment is Processing well.Two times a Week the patient recives bioenergetic treatment in the practice for about 1.5 hour each time and at home the patient continues with the energetic water treatment no other medicine.. the inflammation is almost gone, the cells are rewnewing, the wound is closing and changing its form ..A natural process was triggered


QuantumMedicine treatment Part4 Update

29.December 2017

after the holiday break here are the latest result..