Quanten Medicine..Part 2.

Since 3.November I am present and following the process of a Quanten medicine treatment..Since few years the Patient is getting some bioenergetic treatment body treatment in this practice too.Ehen ehe Bad this inflammation , sie consulted this practice to geht some treatment.

The patient is knowing this practice few years, because she is getting some body treatment there too.

As I explained in Part one

One month has now has passend and here are the New result in pictures as well as a Statement of the patient and my self..

A short Interview with the patient as follows:

Through the regular treatment of 2-3 times weekly of about 2 hours of interaction and the Vibration in the Electro- magnetic field and treatment with energetic water , the parasitic inflammation has formed back..and the skin cells have been renewed..this process will continue ..

.as I am also continu the treatment with the energetic water at home..the patient said…there was no cutting with a scalpel or other medicine…..other then above mentioned..

As for myself ..I can confirm above..I followed this treatment from the beginning …and its amazing to see this progress..without bloodshets or removing the whole thing with a scalpel. ……

Part 3.will follow…

Schwere Parasitäre.Bakterielle Entzündung..

This how it was in the Beginning…..see Part one too.

above Pic.2.. from today 4.December 2017 this is how it looks after one month.


Looking forward for Part Three.

Stay all well. best wishes..

Ulrike Balam

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