Quantum Medicine Bioenergy

I am very interested in the quantum medicine, a new development ,which includes the new knowledge of the natural science of physics, especially the quantumphysics for the Diagnoses and Therapy.

Myself I had bioenergetic treatments for some time now, to balance my body.

For two weeksI follow a professional treatment in a Frankfurt practice.The Patient has an extreme inflammation in her hand.

I found the Prozess very interesting,so I thought to make it public.



Bacterial ,Parasitic very extreme Inflammation

Bioenergetic is following.

Extreme Parasitic.Bacteriale Inflammation

Pic 2.

The complete Bacterium und Parasites are removed.

16. Nov20171116_154139
16.Nov.Quantum treatmentprocess

Pic. 3


Formation of the skin -new skin-and closing of the wound.

20.Nov.2017 After Treatment

GOOD Health to everyone

Ulrike Balam


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